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Wheeler Mission
All proceeds benefit the work of Wheeler Mission, Outreach, and our community’s homeless.


Are donations tax-deductible?

All donations are tax-deductible. A receipt will be emailed to donors from CrowdRise. All funds will be held and distributed by National Christian Foundation and donations will be equally split between Wheeler Mission and Outreach to be used to help our community’s homeless.

What do I do with checks or cash?

Checks should be made out to National Christian Foundation. Write in the memo “Strength In Our Streets”. On your fundraising page, enter all offline donations (checks or cash) in the “manage my team” tab -> “toolkit” -> “manage offline donations”. This will keep your page up-to-date so your team will receive full credit for all of your fundraising. Bring all checks and cash in an envelope, clearly marked with your name and your team name and the total amount inside the envelope.

What if there is bad weather on event day?

If because of bad weather or any other reason this event is cancelled, there will not be a make-up date. All donations are final. Thank you for supporting Outreach and Wheeler Mission.

Can I change team members?

Yes. The person who created the team will need to do the following:

  1. Email all changes to events@wmm.org
  2. Once new person has been added to your fundraising page:
    • Login to CrowdRise and go to your team page.
    • Click on MANAGE TEAM.
    • Click on TEAM MEMBER OPTIONS on the team member’s picture.
    • Select YES to mark the team member as official or NO to mark team member as unofficial

Will the judges be judging their own teams?


Do judges need to fundraise?

Judges are a part of the team and will be included in the top fundraising team prize and podium prizes.

Can a team be made up of athletes from multiple affiliates?

The short answer is no. The intent is to have an affiliate competition, not create “super teams”. It’s a fun event for charity that most levels of athletes can compete in. If you have a specific circumstance that needs clarification, please email events@wmm.org.

Who were the top teams from 2017?

Top 5 Overall teams
1. CrossFit Pendleton
2. CrossFit Naptown
3. CrossFit Dash
4. Militia Muscle
5. Top Fuel Crossfit

Top 5 Fundraising teams
1. Officium CrossFit
2. Carmel Kings
3. CCMAF CrossFit
4. CrossFit 54
5. CrossFit Pendleton