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All proceeds benefit the work of Wheeler Mission and those experiencing homelessness in our community.


General Volunteers

Strength In Our Streets could not happen without wonderful volunteers! We need volunteers to move large loads and equipment over long distances as quickly as possible, and other “as needed” duties. You will be setting up, breaking down, and ensuring that all equipment is ready at the count of 3-2-1-Go! This important role ensures that this event will run smoothly and safely. You also may be asked to fulfill other duties outside of this scope. However, please note, you will not be asked to judge.

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Judges are crucial to the integrity of this event. As you all know, these competitions depend on the judge’s ability to be fair, accurate, and consistent. You will be asked to judge an athlete based on their ability to adhere to the standards we set, as well as count their repetitions. They are both of equal importance.

Each team is required to provide two judges. (Judges will not judge their own team.) If interested, check with your team leader.